Treatment landscape for presbyopia evolving toward noninvasive options

    By PineDev

    Noninvasive or minimally invasive approaches may be the solution for presbyopia before the onset of age-related cataract and a way to address the increasing need to perform close-range tasks.

    “The treatments that are currently available have not met our needs,” OSN Cornea/External Disease Board Member Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, said. “Glasses are an inconvenience. Contact lenses cause dry eye, and most people become intolerant after a while. Corneal inlays have not done well, and most of them have left the market in the United Sates. Finally, laser vision correction is not for everyone and has all the drawbacks of monovision. Multifocal IOLs are an excellent option but at a later stage when people develop cataract.”

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