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    Laser scleral microporation helps turn back the clock for presbyopic eyes

    VIENNA — In this Healio Video Perspective from the ESCRS meeting, Robert Ang, MD, shares his results with laser scleral microporation for the treatment of presbyopia. He explains the rationale of laser scleral microporation (Ace Vision Group), how it is performed, and the advantages of a treatment that does not interfere with the visual axis and allows the …

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    ESCRS 2023: Presbyopia treatment with microporation therapeutic technology by Ace Vision Group

    AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD, Founder and CEO of Ace Vision Group, met with Ophthalmology Times Europe at the 2023 European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons to discuss Ace Vision Group’s microporation therapeutic technology, used to treat presbyopia.

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    Ace Vision Group to Present Nine New Sets of Scientific Data Focused on Laser Scleral Microporation at the ESCRS Annual Meeting

    Ace Vision Group (AVG) announced it will present nine sets of research on the effectiveness of Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM) at the annual congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS).  LSM is an ultra-minimally invasive procedure with a novel therapeutic approach to treating the aging eye. 

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    Data show higher patient expectations for presbyopia laser therapy among women

    MARCO ISLAND, Fla. — In this Healio Video Perspective, AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD, discusses data that compared the patient-reported satisfaction levels of women and men with presbyopia after laser scleral microporation therapy. “Interestingly enough, we had more women than men, about twice as many women in the study, and women were more demanding with their satisfaction than men,” …

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    Dynamic Range of Focus of the Eye: Understanding Biomechanics and Kinematics: Part II

    IN PART I OF THIS 3-PART series, we outlined the definition of ocular biomechanics and kinematics and described the mechanical laws under which they operate.1 In this article, we describe the specific elements and motions responsible for achieving Dynamic Range of Focus (DRoF), including the phases of vision from accommodation to disaccommodation (near to far) and disaccommodation …

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    VESA prediction tool could help guide presbyopia treatment

    NEW ORLEANS — In this Healio Video Perspective from the ARVO meeting, AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD, founder and CEO of Ace Vision Group, speaks about the Virtual Eye Simulation Analyzer, a device with predictive diagnostic capabilities. VESA uses ray tracing technology to analyze lens changes and biomechanics related to accommodation and disaccommodation, visualizing them in virtual reality and predicting …

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    Improvement in Accommodation and Dynamic Range of Focus After Laser Scleral Microporation: A Potential Treatment for Presbyopia

    Purpose: To examine the ocular changes in accommodation, wavefront aberrations, and dynamic range of focus (DROF) after laser scleral microporation (LSM) for treating presbyopia.

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    Unlocking the recovery of dynamic range of focus with microporation therapeutics

    Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM) is a therapy which represents the first biomechanical solution to the biomechanical problems of progressive presbyopia. The therapy is performed using the VisioLite® Ophthalmic Laser system developed by Ace Vision Group (AVG). Today, having no biomechanical option able to meet the loss of dynamic range of focus (DRoF) that occurs with progressive …

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    Ocular Health Implications of the Loss of Dynamic Range of Focus Function in Presbyopia

    Presbyopia is defined as the eye’s loss of ability to focus on objects at near distances, and it is the most common cause of age-related vision impairment. Presbyopia is a significant global health issue that is underdiagnosed. It affects all people in their 40s and older: an estimated 90 million people in the United States …

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    A New Paradigm Shift: Parts 1 and 2 (Pages 25-31)

    DUE TO THE AGING OF THE population, most of our population will spend roughly half of their lives as presby-opes. The etiology of presby-opia has been poorly understood, and treatment options have failed to address the true issues with the disease, creating compro mises in vision that patients are eager to find a solution for, …

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    THE ZOOMING EYE LENS: Effects of Age on Dynamic Range of Focus

    DYNAMIC RANGE OF FOCUS (DRoF), or the total range of clear vision in a natural system, is an important biomechanical function of the accommodative apparatus responsible for adjusting the crystalline lens from both far to near (accommodation) and near to far (disaccommodation). DRoF is defined by true accommodation, pseudoaccommodation, and pupillary diaphragmatic changes, which work together …

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    In-office procedures offer ophthalmic surgeons and patients the greatest flexibility and efficiency of scheduling. Procedures such as YAG capsulotomy, select laser trabeculoplasty, laser pupil iridoplasty, LASIK/PRK/SMILE and minor lid procedures are routinely done within the in-office surgery suite. A large 2016 study demonstrated the safety and outcomes of cataract procedures performed within the surgeon’s office, …

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    Laser scleral microporation has high satisfaction in emmetropic presbyopes

    SAN DIEGO — In this Healio Video Perspective from the ASCRS meeting, Robert Ang, MD, discusses 18-month study outcomes of laser scleral microporation in emmetropic presbyopes. “Our studies show that the patients have high patient satisfaction with laser scleral microporation treatment,” he said. “It is safe and effective, and it has great potential for this segment of …

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    ASCRS 2023: Laser scleral microporation from Ace Vision Group

    Mitchell Jackson, MD, discussed laser scleral microporation from Ace Vision Group at the 2023 ASCRS annual meeting in San Diego.

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    ARVO LIVE: AI revolution in ophthalmology

    Ophthalmology Times® talked with AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD, about 3D finite element model used to understand more about the biomechanics of accommodation and dis-accommodation as it relates to functions for visual function as well as aqueous hydrodynamics at this year’s ARVO meeting.

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    Robert Ang Discusses LSM by Ace Vision

    Robert T. Ang, refractive surgeon at the Asian Eye Institute in the Philippines, talks to The Ophthalmologist about the ways Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM) therapy offered by Ace Vision Group comes to benefit him and his patients. He discusses the therapy’s mechanism of action, what the procedure involves, and the unique value offered by LSM. …

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    Laser scleral microporation improves near vision in emmetropic presbyopes

    WASHINGTON — In this Healio Video Perspective from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting, Robert E. Ang, MD, discusses results from a study of laser scleral microporation.

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    The Future of the Aging Eye

    AnnMarie Hipsley, the Founder and CEO of Ace Vision Group (AVG), a Delaware, USA- based company developing innovative therapeutics for age-related ocular dysfunctions, talks to The Ophthalmologist about her background and work with AVG, and the company’s short- and long-term goals. She explains how the Group has utilized artificial intelligence and virtual reality platforms to …

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