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    Jackson discusses laser scleral microporation for presbyopia

    LAS VEGAS — In this Healio Video Perspective from the ASCRS meeting, Mitchell A. Jackson, MD, discusses preliminary results from a trial investigating laser scleral microporation to treat presbyopia.

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    Influence of Ocular Rigidity and Ocular Biomechanics on the Pathogenesis of Age-Related Presbyopia

    This chapter discusses ocular rigidity and ocular biomechanical dysfunction as they relate to the age-related pathogenesis of presbyopia. The major factors associated with presbyopia as they relate to ocular rigidity and ocular biomechanical dysfunction are highlighted. Furthermore, specific reference is made to modifying the biomechanical properties and structural stiffness of the scleral outer coat utilizing …

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    Scleral approaches to presbyopia moving from niche to mainstream

    Among the many options for presbyopia, scleral approaches stand out for their unique attempt to tackle the roots of the problem, restoring physiological function rather than aiming for optical compensation. They had a slow takeoff and limited acceptance, but step by step, through a long path of research and technological upgrades, they continue to move …

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