A New Paradigm Shift: Parts 1 and 2 (Pages 25-31)

    By PineDev

    DUE TO THE AGING OF THE population, most of our population will spend roughly half of their lives as presby-opes. The etiology of presby-opia has been poorly understood, and treatment options have failed to address the true issues with the disease, creating compro mises in vision that patients are eager to find a solution for, not expecting to have their daily lives affected. There is both an overlooked etiology regarding the mechanism of presbyopia in the medical community, as well as a lack of awareness in the presbyopic population in general. If we are to be successful in implementing presbyopic solutions that address the pathogenesis, onset, and progressive compounding of the clinical manifestations that accompany presbyopia, there must be an effort toward shifting the paradigm of education and awareness toward the real issues that provoke this elusive age-related disease.

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