AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PHD

Founder & CEO of Ace Vision Group

Dr. Hipsley received her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Boston University’s Sargent College of Rehabilitation Sciences with an expertise in biomechanics, aging and neurophysiology. She received her PhD in Biology with emphasis in neurophysiology from Redding University. She holds a B.S. in Zoology from The Ohio State University.

Dr. Hipsley is the inventor of the revolutionary LaserACE® and the newly developed Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM) Procedure both aimed at restoring physiological dynamic accommodation. Over the past 20+ years, she has trained over 100 ophthalmic surgeons worldwide in the use of near infrared lasers for biological tissue microporation. Her early doctoral manuscript “VisioDynamics® Theory: A Biomechanical Model for the Aging Ocular Organ” has been published in 5 textbooks. Her passion for knowledge transfer to the ophthalmic industry of her expertise in biomechanical approaches to restore the biodynamics of accommodation function of the aging eye has led to her establishing herself as an innovator in ophthalmology and a Key Opinion Leader peer reviewer in the field of Accommodation. More recently Dr. Hipsley has invented and developed an Artificial Intelligence platform Finite Element Model of Accommodation of the Whole eye for interactive virtual experimentation called Virtual Eye Simulation Analyzer ( VESA). These efforts would result in the ability to perform virtual eye procedures in silico and have powerful predictive diagnostic capabilities.

Dr. Hipsley has authored numerous publications on the topic of accommodation biomechanical dysfunction of the aging eye, finite element modelling of accommodation and the ciliary muscle as well as new techniques for the restoration of natural dynamic accommodation through biomechanics and presented frequently at international refractive and cataract congresses. Dr. Hipsley is also founder of iAware Inc, a non-for-profit organization established for the promotion of awareness of age-related ocular disease. Dr. Hipsley was also one of the cofounders of the International Presbyopia Society. Dr. Hipsley is an entrepreneur previously owning and operating 5 Sports Medicine clinics where she functioned as founder, owner, clinician and entrepreneur. She was and is a vigorous research speaker in aging of connective tissues, biomechanics and Ocular health. Dr. Hipsley has been an entrepreneur for over 28+ years and leads the company as the Founder & CEO.

Note: LSM is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.

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