Jay Joliat

Board of Director

Jay Joliat is currently the CEO of several Venture Capital and development companies. Joliat & Company, Inc. is involved in the placement of venture capital investments in various industries, but primarily oil & gas or medical devices/drugs. Mr. Joliat has, for more than the past nine years, been an independent investor and developer in commercial, industrial and garden style apartment real estate and development, residential home building, restaurant ownership and management, as well as venture private equity in generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices and oil and gas. He previously formed and managed his own investment management company early in his career and was formerly employed by E.F. Hutton and Dean Witter Reynolds.

Jay Joliat has extensive Board experience with both public and private companies. He has have successfully assisted with the highly profitable exits (via merger and/or sale) of several public and private venture entities spanning over 30 years; and has actively participated in the formation, management, finance and strategic direction of those projects throughout their respective life-cycles.  His most recent assignment to a public company Board was with GeoResources, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEOI) which was bought by Halcon Resources for $1.041 Billion on August 1, 2012). He served as the Chairman of the Audit Committee as well as a member of both the Compensation and Nominating Committees as well as a founding shareholder.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management and Finance from the Oakland University (1982) and was awarded a Certified Investment Management Analyst certificate in 1983 after completion of the IMCA program at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania

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