LaserACE® Global Medical Director


"My decision on being involved as an investigator with LaserACE® technology is threefold: (1) the ability to restore dynamic accommodation without compromise to the refractive state of the eye; (2) the lack of visual axis compromise; (3) the market potential for such a procedure on emmetropic presbyopes and/or past monofocal IOL patients is immense.  I truly am excited about continuing to pave the way for my patients to see beyond their imagination by using a technology that rejuvenates the eye’s natural power."

Mitchell A. Jackson, MD
Lake Villa, Illinois
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LaserACE® Clinical Study Principal Investigators

Prof. David Hui-Kang Ma, MD,PHD
Principal Investigator - Taiwan

Prof. Dr. Chi-Chin Sun MD, PhD
Principal Investigator

Xingtao Zhou, MD, PHD.
Principal Investigator - China (Shanghai)

Professor Li Ying MD, PhD
Principal Investigator - China (Beijing)

Professor Qinmei Wang, MD, OD
Principal Investigator - China (Wenzhou)

Associate Professor Shihao Chen MD,MSc,OD
Principal Investigator - China (Wenzhou)

Professor Kazuo Tsubota
Principal Investigator - Japan (Tokyo)

Guillermo Ocampo, MD
Principal Investigator - Mexico (Mexico City)

Professor Sunil Shah, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator - United Kingdom

Robert T. Ang, MD
Principal Investigator - Philippines

Note: LaserACE® is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.