LaserACE® Surgical Procedure

LaserACE® Surgical Procedure Summary

  • Er:Yag laser with fiber optic probe
  • 600um spot size
  • Nine micro-excisions in the 4 oblique quadrants

  • Micro-excisions in 3 critical zones over the ciliary complex
  • Creation of pliable matrix zones in the Sclera

Procedure Objectives:

  • Restore mechanical efficiency of the natural accommodative mechanism
  • Improve biomechanical mobility to achieve accommodative power

LaserACE® Surgical Procedure Video

LaserACE® Surgical Procedure Step by Step

  1. Quadrant Marker delineates 4 ablation zones.

  2. Corneal protection placement & local anesthetic is used perioperatively.

  3. Matrix marker imprints template for the diamond matrix micro-excisions.

  4. Visiolite® patented 80dg curved tipis used to create Biomatirx micro-excisions in the sclera over the ciliary body. These are 600um spots which are placed in a diamond matrix of 9 spots in the four oblique quadrants. Each microexcision takes approximately 7 seconds.

  5. LaserACE® micro-excisions are made in the sclera over the ciliary body and take approximately 7 seconds.

  6. Dynamic ability restored in the scleral matrix to allow improved flexibility of the sclera and increased power of Ciliary muscles to focus the lens for up close, arm’s length and distance vision.

  7. Collagen matrix is applied to the micro-excision promoting scar inhibition to preserve the long term stability and effects of the procedure .

  8. Hydrophilic contact bandage lens is placed over quadrant sites to secure for 24-48 hours.

  9. Immediately following the procedure the ability of the crystalline lens is restored to allow natural dynamic focusing power of the lens for youthful vision.

Note: LaserACE® is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.