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LaserACE® Publications & Books

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Hipsley A, Hall B, Rocha KM. Scleral surgery for the treatment of presbyopia: where are we today? Eye and Vision. 2018;5:4.
  2. Hipsley A, Hall B, Rocha KM. Long-term visual outcomes of laser anterior ciliary excision. American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports. 2018;10:38-47.
  3. Hipsley A, Ma DH-K, Sun C-C, Jackson MA, Goldberg D, Hall B. Visual outcomes 24 months after LaserACE. Eye and Vision. 2017;4:15.

Published Book Chapters

  1. Hipsley A, Rocha KM, David M, Hall B. Laser Scleral Microablation Procedure. In The Fifth Wave: Surgical Treatment for Presbyopia: Slack Incorporated New Jersey; 2018:133-142.
  2. Hipsley A, Dementiev D. VisioDynamics Theory: A Biomechanical Application for the Aging Eye and LaserAceTM Natural Vision Restoration. In: Ashok G, K MC, E HJ, Roberto P, eds. Mastering the Techniques of Corneal Refractive Surgery: Jaypee Brothers Pvt Ltd; 2006:490-506.


Arq. Bras. Oftalmol. vol.77 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Feb. 2014
Restoration of accommodation: new perspectives
Tracy Schroeder Swartz1, Karolinne Maia Rocha2, Mitch Jackson3, David HK Ma4, Daniel Goldberg5, AnnMarie Hipsley6

Advances in the Surgical Correction of Presbyopia
International Ophthalmology Update

The Final Cut: Surgical Correction of Presbyopia
Are we close to replicating accommodation without compromise?
By Andrea Crabb, OD, and Ronald Krueger, MD
Review of Corneal & Contact Lenses November 2014

Surgical Correction of Presbyopia: A Focus on New Techniques
Ophthalmology Rounds 2014. Volume 10, Issue 6
Raymond Stein, MD, FRCSC, Rebecca Stein BSc, MBCHB

Early Clinical Trial Results & Dynamic Accommodative Benefits in Asian Eyes with LaserACE Procedure Using the VisioLite Er: YAG in a Single Arm Clinical Trial
David Hui-Kang Ma Annmarie Hipsley Chi-Chin Sun Mitchell Jackson
World Ophthalmology Congress 2014


Scleral crosslinking mimics age-related ocular rigidity
Ophthalmology Times      October 15, 2013
AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD

CSCRS on Presbyopia: An Overview on the “final frontier” June 2013
Sheri L. Rowen MD

George O. Waring IV, MD, Duncan E. Berry, BA
Int Ophthalmol Clin. 2013;53(1):129-152.

LaserACE procedure to restore dynamic accommodation: clinical trial results up to 1 year follow-up
European Cataract & Refractive Society
XXXI Congress of the ESCRS
AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PHD
Sheri L. Rowen, MD, FACS


Eye World Asia-Pacific
The pioneer spirit: Unmapped presbyopia correction territories
Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS

Advances in the Surgical Correction of Presbyopia
International Ophthalmology Update

Accommodative laser procedure en route to clinical trials
The LaserACE procedure to restore accommodation is entering a Canadian trial in December.
Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, October 25, 2011


February 2008
By Matt Young Eye World Contributing Editor    
New procedure holds accommodative promise

LaserACE presbyopia procedure shows stable results over time
February 13, 2008


Presbyopia: Origins, Effects, and Treatment Hardcover – June 15, 2012
by Ioannis Pallikaris MSc PhD (Author), Sotiris Plainis MSc PhD (Author), W. Neil Charman PhD DSc (Author)
 Slack Books © 2012

Step by Step Corneal Refractive Surgery: Techniques and Technology
VisioDynamics: Biomechanical Model For the Aging Ocular Organ, AnnMarie Hipsley DPT, PHD
JayPee Books: 2006 ©
Editors: Ashok Garg, Ioannis Pallikaris, Dimitrii Dementiev, Roberto Pinelli

LaserACE® Procedure : A revolutionary surgical approach for restoring accommodation to the aging eye
Hipsley, AnnMarie, Dementiev, Dimitrii
Jaycees Video Atlas of Ophthlamic Surgery 2006 ©

Step by Step Innovations in Presbyopia
LaserACE® procedure to restore accommodation
Jaypee Books 2006©

Mastering the Techniques of Presbyopia Surgery
VisioDynamics. Hipsley, AnnMarie, DPT, PHD
Jaypee Books 2006©

Note: LaserACE® is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.