Professor Qinmei Wang, MD, OD

Principal Investigator - China (Wenzhou)

Professor Wang is  chief physician, executive dean of Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College, vice president of Optometry of Wenzhou Medical College, committee member of Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology, adjunct professor and doctoral adviser of New England College of Optometry.
He was awarded with National Academic Teaching Achievement of China, published more than 100 papers. He edited the educational material, "Refractive Surgery" and others for Ministry of Education in China. He has been adviser of more than 50 PhD and master degree graduate students
He dedicated himself in the field of refractive surgery, with a variety of refractive surgery for tens of thousands cases.

Note: LSM™ is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.

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