William Wiley, MD

Medical Advisory Board - USA

I am the current Medical Director of Cleveland Eye Clinic and Clear Choice LASIK Center.

Our centers have been blessed with the opportunities to help pioneer, develop and innovate many of the new technologies on the forefront of ophthalmology.  Currently I am an active board member of   Since taking over my father’s practice in 2002, the profession of ophthalmology has transformed from a pathology-based field to a lifestyle improvement profession.

My strengths include identifying “pain points” in eye care and helping to commercialize early products or innovate new products to bring them through the development cycle from idea inception through commercialization.

Some of the notable innovation I have been involved with:

Intra-operative aberrometer through the early clinical trials from the original device to measure the outcome of a lens choice to a device that predicts the lens choice and then helps fine tune the outcome through toric adjustments or incision placements

Less-drops formulation:  Identified the need and then helped develop, license and patent the technology to functional transform per-operative eye drop dosing, pricing and distribution.

MKO melt sedation:  Co-patent holder with (with John Berdahl, MD) to develop the IV-Free sedation technique

Corneal Inlay:  early study work with multiple inlay platforms and helped develop the successful strategy of combined LASIK/inlay implantation for treatment of presbyopia and the underlying refractive error.

MiLoop:  Worked with Iantech on the early device and helped with early commercialization and surgical technique adoption.

Light Adjustable IOL.  Worked on the pivotal astigmatism trial and currently working on the post refractive surgery light adjustable lens trial.

Notable meetings and organizations.  Founding member of Vanguard Ophthalmology society, Current President of Society for Excellence in Eye Care, Early member of CEDARS/ASPENS, President Elect  of AECOS, Program Chair of Caribbean Eye Meeting and Millennial Eye Meeting,  and first editor of Collaborative Eye publication.

Note: LSM is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.

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